I am writing this letter of recommendation in the highest regard for Dr. Miller. She came into my son’s life when he was suffering tremendously and I was at a loss on how to help my child reach his full potential. My child was eleven at the time and refusing school due to school phobia. This school refusal created further issues for my son and the school district in which he attends. Through her expertise Dr. Miller worked tirelessly with my child and me to accurately diagnose my son's condition, and her continued support is a life vest for my family.

I had realized that my child was gifted from an early age. He would keep himself occupied with building blocks, working puzzles and with trains, with little awareness of what was going on around him, or so I thought. Clothing seemed to bother him tremendously; pants couldn't be tight and socks had to line up across his toes. There also seemed to be sensitivity to noise, crowded places, and people he didn't know well. He suffered from separation anxiety if I wasn't within eye sight. All of these situations caused what I called ‘come apart’; my boy simply could not handle all of the sensory stimuli.

Through his working with Dr. Miller my child has learned the tools needed to attend school every day, have straight A’s, and participate on his schools' wrestling team. Dr. Miller brought my son back to me as the intelligent, sensitive, kind- hearted young man he is today. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I applaud her continued commitment to help families at the darkest times.

Single Mother
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...you are one of the biggest reasons why I am who I am today. You impacted my life positively in a big way. I came out of all of our meetings better than I was the day before. So, there was breakthrough!

You listened to me and I felt you really cared. Since then I have been able to relate to others better, especially my Dad and to speak up for myself, my family and be a voice to those who can’t speak, like my Mommy.

I have been on my job for almost six years now and really enjoy it. I am neither depressed nor stressed out with anxiety. I am doing wonderfully! I don’t claim to have it all together and wrapped up in a pretty little bow but, like I tell everyone who is going through something, "Therapy really helped me.” You are a great person to talk to. I believe the Lord put you in my path exactly when I needed you. Thanks for being the catalyst that helped transform this passive, depressed and confused woman into one who is stronger, focused, enthusiastic and joyful.

Mother of Teen Girls
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I am writing to express my pleasure with Dr. Gerry Miller, Psy.D. who treated my son for anxiety and related adverse social behaviors.

Dr. Miller was able to correctly diagnose my son then formulate a comprehensive plan which resulted in successful management of his anxiety.

During the course of treatment Dr. Miller showed a genuine sense of empathy towards my family while exercising an uncommon amount of professional aptitude in helping my son navigate through a difficult time in his life.

Father of Teen Boys
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